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Fanfiction by Elucreh
Waiting for an Indication 5/5 
29th-May-2010 07:59 pm
Gen Default Lily Me
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Brendon wakes up when his phone vibrates across the nightstand and clunks to the floor. Shane groans into Brendon's armpit and flails a little in his sleep.

Brendon yawns widely. "You're old," he tells the top of Shane's head, leaning over the bed to fumble for the phone on the floor. "I'm not jetlagged at--" he has to break off for another jaw-cracking yawn--"at all." He pulls the phone toward him with his fingertips until he can scoop it up and settle back in bed to read the new text from Sarah.

hows hawaii?

Prty, he sends back, looking out the window at the ocean and absently combing through Shane's hair with his fingers. Shn is old. Dsnt want 2 wk up.

He gets a reply a few seconds later. LOL Regan says blow him

He grins and rolls his eyes a little. Grls nite? Dors Day agn?

Hepburn and cosmos and only if u count Ry and Spence as girls

i do if there drnkng csmos

taking the 5th

Brendon laughs, and Shane pinches him. Brendon grabs the punishing fingers, and kisses them when Shane glares. Brendon holds up one finger, gesturing to his phone with his head. Shane sighs and puts his head back down with a soft bite to Brendon's ribs.

not foolin me, Brendon taps out, aware that he's losing interest in the conversation as Shane's knee inches over Brendon's thigh.

but theyre making out so not rly watching the movie

cosmos grlier thn Hpbrn, Brendon argues. Shane is mouthing at his ribcage. It's nice.

u r really critical 4 someone who promised his mom a pic of kissing his boyfriend under a waterfall

cosmos grlier thn wtrfll kss. george of the jngl did a wtrfll kiss nbdy mnlier

george and ursula never kiss under the falls george seduces her with puffy cheeks ttl FTL

Brendon considers this for a moment. He looks down at Shane and puffs out his cheeks like George of the Jungle. Shane raises an eyebrow at him and puffs his own cheeks back. Brendon smiles. they wnt bck n made the bb thr. trst me

smartass. go blow Shane hes wasting hawaii. luv u

u 2, Brendon sends, and sets the phone on the nightstand. Shane looks up at him, smiling sleepily.

Brendon slides down the bed to do as he's told.



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15th-Jul-2010 07:11 pm (UTC)
So I always have really ambitious goals about reading all the BBB stories in a timely fashion and always fail miserably. So, late feedback is late. But: this was so wonderful. I loved the different points of view, and how at times we knew more than they did but each one still taught us new stuff about the situation. Shane's was so heart-wrenching for so many reasons but so well done. It was especially hard when Sarah came on the screen because I wanted to like her, but she just made Shane so sad... but it all worked out wonderfully. I totally had a hilarious "Aha!" moment where I realized why Ryan broke up with Panic and was very impatient waiting for that to be solved (also wonderful. Ryan+Spencer=OTP that I forget I have). Also, mad props on how well this fits in the timeline (or just plain changes the timeline a little bit so as to make it much better in the long run.) Really awesome fic, definitely going in my list of BBB recs for my roommate.
16th-Jul-2010 12:50 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you enjoyed it! The POVs especially were a stretch for me, so I'm glad you thought it worked. ^_^
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