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Fanfiction by Elucreh
Postcard Meme 
23rd-Jan-2011 11:24 pm
Gen Default Lily Me
for arsenicjade: Madrid, Veronica Mars and Neal Caffrey

Dear new favorite probie,

The paintings here are so beautiful, I think I could be convinced to slip back off the straight and narrow if only I could convince you to switch sides. Take care of Peter for me.


for the_randomist: Italy, Brendon Urie and Neal Caffrey

Dear Neal,

It's stupid to write, I know, with the whole you-being-a-con-man thing, but we had a day off and we wound up walking under here. It was amazing to look up at and yet I couldn't help feeling like it was about to tumble down onto my head.

I don't know, I thought of you.


for mrsquizzical: Greta and the unknowable Emily, Australia


you would not believe the scenery out here. I am thinking of adopting a kangaroo! The boys are mostly fascinated by all the creepy-crawlies. How are your paintings coming?


for shihadchick: Shawn and Gus, Hogwarts


This place is totally just as amazing as we thought it would be!!!! And for reals it can't be that hard to fake with a little help from my magic wand; I am blowing through the textbooks like the Hulk through walls. We can get you in next year no problem; practice waving a stick around, okay?


for queenitsy: Logan Mitchell and Warren Peace, New York


so Will wouldn't even let me set fire to anything in central park chem conferences are SO MUCH BETTER than class trips i don't even know what to stare at in art museums and only six people have ever needed saving from the top of the empire state total waste of time how are your combustibles


for slash_iirima: Bernard Black and Fran and/or Manny, Glasgow


The quality of Scotch in Scotland is absolutely superb! Even the very very very very very very cheap stuff I am drinking. Don't drive Manny off with toasters before I get back, all right? Or blenders or ovens or absolutely anything that normal people keep in the kitchen, got it?

24th-Jan-2011 06:40 am (UTC)
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