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Common Knowledge Ch. 1--The Con-Going Fangirl

Title: Common Knowledge
Author: elucreh
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Summary: Jared, your fangirls. Fangirls, I believe you already know Jared. Better than he knows himself.
Notes: Obviously, they belong to each other. Extended notes following epilogue.

ETA 3/30/2009: opengoal has kindly translated this fic into Chinese! If you are more comfortable reading it in that language, I recommend that you click the above link. Enjoy!

:: 1—The Con-Going Fangirl :: 2—Filk :: 3—Fanreports :: 4—The Everyday Fangirl :: 5—Fic :: 6—The Fangirl Online :: 7—Rose-Colored Interviews :: 8—The Fangirl On-Set ::Epilogue: The Kripked Fangirl::

CHAPTER ONE: The Con-Going Fangirl

Jared actually kind of likes conventions. Yeah, they're work, and they're tiring, but he likes talking to the fans, likes watching them smile at each other over inside jokes and jump up and down when they see the new publicity stuff. If there's anything Eric's taught him, it's an awareness of—a respect for—the community they've created out there.

There's also the way his dynamic with Jensen changes. The way Jensen relies on him and relaxes around him and depends on him to act as a public shield that's completely different from their everyday friendship, but Jared doesn't dwell on that. He just likes conventions, really.

He especially likes this one, because he's got an out.

The worst part of conventions has always been being cooped up, behind bodyguards or in his suite. Jared's a man of action, and he gets restless. Jensen copes better—he's better at entertaining himself, and he's a lot more uncomfortable out in the open (especially since the mad attack), but Jared wants to be out there, wants to be in on the action.

This time, he can be. He spotted a little niche in the hotel lobby, with a big potted evergreen almost in front of it, and a chair tucked into it. He was a little hesitant to try it at first, this hiding behind a plant thing—the internet still isn't quite over the ball cap from Jensen's play—but it's worked out so far. A few of the fans have spotted him, but mostly they just come over and talk for a little while. Maybe there are a few crazies out there, but like Eric says—most of their fans are smart, great people. It's a little weird to have complete strangers ask about Megan, but almost all of them ask about Harley and Sadie, and Jared loves to talk about his babies.

It's interesting, too, to watch the fangirls when they don't know he's watching, like experiencing a new culture. He's making a list of words to figure out later: ”otipi,” and “pixpam,” and “capping,” and “arpeayes.” He's especially curious about the meaning of “elljay,”, because it seems to be some kind of sign-countersign ritual.

A pair of fans will bump into each other, smile, introduce themselves, and then—nine times in ten—the next question outta their mouths is, “What's your elljay?” If the other girl says she doesn't have one, the first one will smile and make polite conversation, but if the answer is, “I'm Deansgirl27,” the squealing starts. “Ohmigod, I'm Babyimpala, I've been dying to meet you!” And Deansgirl27 will squeal too and they'll jump up and down and hug each other, his face smashed up against Jensen's between two sets of boobs.

The girl sitting nearest him now has one of the old WB upfront pictures stickered to the front of her laptop, and she's been sitting there for half an hour or so, absently humming something cheerful that's pretty obviously stuck in her head. La-la-la-LA-la-la-la-LAAAA. After half an hour, it's pretty much stuck in Jared's, too.

As she starts in on another round of what he thinks is the chorus, another girl walks past, but she stops and grins when she hears the humming, and sings, in tune, “--even though the characters are brotherrss...”

Laptop Girl looks up and there's one of those eyebrow conversations that girls seem to have a lot. Both of them grin and Laptop Girl joins in with, “Jensen's prettier than your average guy, which is why he's slept with almost everyone in show biz, except Christian Kane, because Chris? They're like brothers, and hey—anyway...”

Both of them of them crack up, which is handy, because Jared doesn't think he can hold in the snickering much longer himself. This? This is hilarious. The fangirls have songs about how pretty and slutty...Jared bites his lip to quiet himself down.

The girls've done their passcode thing, and apparently both of them passed, because they're hugging and talking a mile a minute. “We should totally get everybody together and sing it.”


”The conference room's got a block free tonight.”

“Does anybody have a guitar, do you know?”

“I think Jaytufor brought hers--”

“She's here? I haven't seen her yet.”

“Really? I know she wanted to meet you...but you'll see her tonight.”

“Ee! So you'll help me spread the word? Seven o'clock?”


And they hug again before New Arrival takes off.

Tags: character: jared padalecki, character: jensen ackles, fandom: j2, fandom: supernatural, fic: common knowledge, rating: adult, ship: j2
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